Live your adventure together with us.

We live to explore beyond. Our passion for the outdoors empowers you to discover places you never knew existed, to experience nature at its purest and to break new ground. With Axopar it’s all about where our boats can take you on your voyage, for you to experience more on your journeys, and for those not choosing the most direct route.

Boating is all about freedom and the joy of discovery. We at Axopar want to aspire people to explore and expand their adventures, and nothing gets us more inspired than seeing our boats on the water, creating excitement and life-long memories amongst our owners.

Our boats take you closer to nature, where you can feel the wind caress your skin, see the sunlight colouring the ragged and rough terrain, and enjoy the wave patterns covering the sea around you. 

Whether it be rediscovering your local surroundings and scouting beyond your regular moorings in search for that hidden beach, finding a secluded trail or exciting diving spot you never knew existed, or relaxing with your family in the afternoon sun to simply escape routine, our boats exist to enrich your everyday life.

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Dan out fishing and relaxing with his friend in Helsinki archipelago.

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Marko discovering a lighthouse island with his son.

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Henna and Mikael out exploring rocky scenery on Höga Kusten, Sweden.

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Christian and Jan-Erik scouting in Helsinki archipelago in late August.

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Mikael enjoying a day in the wilderness.

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Mikael enjoying a day in the wilderness.

Developed for adventure, by adventurers.

Everyone working at Axopar shares a love of boating, combined with a deep passion for the great outdoors. We are a mix of international professionals, each with our own devotion to sports, adventure and outdoor activities, spending our free time recharging in nature.

By opening our eyes to new ways of thinking, sparking innovation and finding new influences, we are able to develop new solutions and features that we can infuse into our boats, all to provide you with the best adventure vessel.

Create your own adventure - we take you there.

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A short history of this market-leading brand.

Ever since the Axopar 28 range caught the public’s imagination for the first time at its world premiere at the Helsinki Boat Show in 2014, competitors have tried but nothing has come remotely close to packaging such devastatingly cool looks with an exhilarating driving experience, and incredible value-for-money.

With its elongated hull lines and sharp, angular features, suddenly here was a concept that not only looked like nothing we had seen before, but cleverly conceived ‘modular’ options gave the range full versatility and created wide customer appeal, changing the way people perceived boating almost overnight.

No one could have predicted the considerable impact and long-lasting legacy that Axopar Boats have made on popular boating culture.

Fast forward to Axopar today.

Since 2014, Axopar Boats has grown to become one of Europe’s top ten powerboat producers and is comfortably regarded as the biggest boat producer in the Nordic countries. As a privately owned company, Axopar is amongst the most financially stable companies in the leisure boating market.

Today, Axopar directly employs about 120 persons across 5 offices in Europe, and together with its OEM partners, employs over 650 persons in total. The company has always stood without any debt and is officially listed by the Financial Times as one of the fastest growing European companies. Year by year, Axopar develops sales in existing markets with more than 3 500 boats built so far, through a network of approximately 100 dealers in more than 50 countries.

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The Axopar 37 Sun-Top in Phi Phi, Thailand.

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The Axopar 37 Cross Cabin cruising around in Vancouver, Canada.

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The Axopar 28 T-Top in Palma, Mallorca.

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The Axopar 37 Cross Cabin in San Fransisco, USA.

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The Axopar 28 Cabin in a winter landscape in Vasa Archipelago, Finland.

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The Axopar 37 Sun-Top in Phi Phi, Thailand.

The most popular model so far - Axopar 28 Cabin.

Multi-award-winning range of premium motorboats

Axopar provides the ultimate boating experience on the water in three size categories; 22, 28 and 37 foot boats, with an exciting future range to be revealed soon. All with cutting edge looks that are exhilarating to drive, fuel efficient, multifunctional and offer undeniable value for money.

The Axopar 28 range has been awarded a sensational four International Boat Award wins, the latest one being the Boat of the Year 2020 award in the United States of America, by Boating Magazine. With this award, Axopar Boats became the first European boat builder to ever win this prestigious award in USA.


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Axopar 28 Cabin - Boat of the Year 2020 in USA.

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Axopar 28 - Winner of European Powerboat of the Year 2016.

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Axopar 37 - Winner of Motorboat of the Year 2017.

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Axopar Boats gets the NMMA/CSI Customer Satisfaction Award 2019.

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Axopar 28 - Winner of Boat of the Year in Japan 2017.

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Axopar 28 Cabin - Boat of the Year 2020 in USA.

The Axopar 28 range has also been awarded the coveted "European Powerboat of the Year", "Motorboat of the Year" and "Best of Boats” awards.

The company Axopar Boats has also received the prestigious Boat Builder Award for its International Distributor- & Dealer development. Another accolade to our award portfolio is the NMMA/CSI Customer Satisfaction Award 2019 in the USA.

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BRABUS Shadow 900 XC Cross Cabin Black Ops Limited Edition '1 of 37' - The ultra luxurious SUV of the seas.


BRABUS Marine represents a strategic alliance between two of the most renowned companies in their respective genres, bringing together Axopar Boats and the long established, high-performance luxury automotive car producer BRABUS GmbH to redefine performance day boating.

A highly exclusive range of luxury tenders and day boats, representing a cool, discerning and incredibly exciting new breed – the BRABUS Shadow range of boats. Outstanding performance, power and superior acceleration, together with easy handling and best in class drivability, form the core of a BRABUS Shadow product. Experience the world of BRABUS Marine HERE.

Axopar x Jobe.

In 2020 Axopar joined forces with Jobe Watersports for an exclusive collaboration that is the first in the marine industry to introduce a boat range specifically tailored to its matching water sports products – the Axopar x JOBE Revolve.

Our combined passion for getting people on the water, innovation, knowhow and years of experience allowed us to create one of the best water sports concepts in the leisure marine industry, and something truly unique on the global market.

Axopar x Jobe Revolve XXII makes an unforgettable impression with its turquoise hull and Jobe graphics package.






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