By continually challenging ourselves to develop and build boats in new and innovative ways, we consider ourselves to be the disruptive company in today’s very traditional marine industry.

The philosophy of the Axopar Concept

Starting from both the concepts and the drawing board, our core focus is always on optimizing everything we do in order to be efficient and flexible, to provide our customers great value, well thought out, functional products. The philosophy echoes all the way thru our product development, our production, working with our suppliers and OEM ́s and how our company is structured and set up to operate.

We have a high volume production approach

From the very beginning we have focused on developing boats that allow for high efficiency production in large numbers with repetitive assembly, utilizing interchangeable componentry and inhouse production thru our whole range, in order to achieve the value and the strong build quality that our products are well known for.

With a automotive platform thinking

We are looking closely at the automotive industry and their operating principles, implementing this knowledge and innovation into our marine manufacturing. One key aspect we have utilized is the vast modularization and multi-platform thinking the automotive industry has achieved in order to stay flexible, cost effective and provide well engineered, high-quality products in a very efficient and standardized way.