ax37st 2

Axopar 37 Sun-Top

The Sun-Top model offers an extended roof for even greater protection from the elements and features a huge canvas section that slides open to let in large amounts of sun into the cockpit. It features a comfortable front cabin and is available with an optional aft cabin or wet bar for the aft deck.

Starting price
84 900
layout Axopar 37 ST MY2018

Technical specifications

Overall Length (excl. Engine)
11,20 m (36ft 9in)
3,30 m (10ft 10in)
Draft to props
0,85 m (2ft 9in)
Weight (excl. Engine)
3590 kg (7910lbs)
10 persons
2 persons (with optional aft cabin 2+2)
Fuel capacity
700 l (154 gal)
B – Offshore
Max speed range
35–45 kts
Outboard engines
2 x 225 – 2 x 350 hp (6cyl. engines)
Fuel consumption, cruise
2.6 l / nm (2 x 300 hp @ 28 knots)
Hull design
Twin stepped 20 degree V “Sharp entry hull”