Official supplier of Press and Spectator boats at the 2018 Superyacht Cup

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Held this year between 19th and 23rd June 2018, the annual Superyacht Cup in Palma, Mallorca, attracts some of the world’s largest and most prestigious sailing yachts for a four-day festival of yacht racing and social events.

Upwards of 20 awe-inspiring superyachts in different classes will battle it out for line honours and Axopar Boats will be there, to ensure owners, VIP guests, journalists and film crews get as close as possible to capture the best of the excitement and action.

This year’s Cup will see a return of the magnificent J-Class fleet, including some of the world’s most beautiful and most exclusive classic yachts centred upon the 1930’s golden era of yacht racing. Legendary names such as Velsheda (38m), Topaz (43m), Svea (44m) and Ranger (41m) will grace the Bay of Palma, where upwards of 30 to 40 crew per yacht will compete for ultimate glory.

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Standing by and ready to go at a moment’s notice will be an Axopar 37 T-Top, an Axopar 28 T-Top and an example of the magnificent ‘BRABUS Shadow 800 by Axopar’ hyper-boat, we unveiled at Boot Düsseldorf back in January.

The perfect choice for getting as close to the action as possible, there’s nothing else on the market that can provide such a perfect blend of speed, agility and day-long passenger comfort like an Axopar can.

The walk-around deck design of the A-28 and A-37 and superb 360° visibility means that camera crews and film operators will be able to move around quickly from bow to stern, capturing the best of the action and from every conceivable angle.

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The low freeboard and convenient hand-rails enable a perfect ‘hop-on / hop-off’ facility for rapid collecting and transferral of passengers from the dockside, or from boat to boat, at short notice.

With dual Mercury outboard propulsion, every Axopar accelerates effortlessly, with minimal noise and marginal back wash, so passengers will be able to hear the grinding of winches and the crack of sails above the skipper’s voice.

Other important creature comforts, such as having a flushable toilet on board, a wet-bar option and large capacity fridge, permanent T-Top fixed-bimini protection from the sun and comfortable, sociable seating around a proper fixed table, make Axopar an ideal regatta support boat.

Only an Axopar has the qualities necessary to transform an average day out in to a truly spectacular one.

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