Northwest Yachting

Axopar 37 AC.

There’s something going on with the Finland boat scene and now many of the innovative yet rugged designs are making their way over to the Pacific Northwest. Axopar is one such line, and with the recent conclusion of their West Coast tour with local dealer JK3 Nautical Enterprises, these easily identifiable boats are turning heads. The Axopar 37 AC (aft cabin) was one of the new designs touted on the tour, a boat that is somehow both a cabin cruiser and cigar boat in one.

Right off the bat, the Axopar 37 AC stands out with its elongated foredeck with extra-prominent sun bed that you can see for miles. A second sun bed lies aft in the cockpit directly above the cabin that houses berths for two guests, in the front cabin there is a queen-sized bed. The aft cabin appears to be mostly glass, which gives the 37 AC a very light and roomy feel. The cabin top is tractable if the skipper wants even more light.