Anna Sandgren: Boat passion in a person

Anna Sandgren

Traveling all over the world testing motorboats, speed boats, ribs, sailing boats, catamarans, kayaks, water scooters and dinghies. Sailing and driving charter, teaching people how to drive fast in rough seas, working as a stunt woman in movies and instructing actors on how to drive boats. All this whilst living for eleven years on an island, in the harsh and rugged Scandinavian archipelago, commuting daily and taking her kids to school every day no matter the conditions.  


The well-known Swedish yachting journalist and professional boat tester Anna Sandgren has a profound drive for pushing boundaries, a love for challenges - and a huge passion for boats.


Anna is “the” marine journalist who has made a name for herself internationally and she is a forerunner in this male-dominated boating industry.

Back in the 1970s, Anna’s sailor parents, who did not always appreciate her lively energy, definitely didn´t know what they were starting when they gave their 6-year old daughter an Optimist sailboat. For them it was a way to gain some time to calm down. For her it was the start of a love affair with the ocean – and a life characterized by sailing, windsurfing and motorboating.

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It wasn´t really her plan to become a yachting journalist and a professional boat tester. Anna wanted to work as a journalist and graduated from university in Stockholm and then Vienna. Her journalism carrier took off quickly and as a way of clearing her mind, she started to charter drive speed boats in the archipelago of Stockholm. She was one of the first ladies to take all the certificates for driving speed boats commercially.

After almost 20 years working as a reporter, editor in chief and being a founder of a couple of lifestyle magazines, she wanted to combine her fierce interest for boats with her journalism. Having worked for Swedish boating magazines like Båtnytt, Vi Båtägare and Praktisk Båtägande, Anna soon noticed that this was “her thing” and she was asked to travel all over the world, testing boats and working as a member of the jury for the Best of Boats Award. Up until today she has test driven more than 500 boats, mainly motorboats – and she still loves every second of being out on the water.

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As a former sail racer, she also has the need to hoist the sails. She has a major passion for old classic wooden boats and has owned a couple of them as well. Boats are her lifestyle and way of living, whether on calm waters or under rough conditions.

Axopar are elated to have her onboard and in the team. If you are interested to learn more about what Anna will do for us – stay tuned for more!