Axopar Boats and Mercury Marine are ‘joined at the hip…’


We have always enjoyed a special relationship with Mercury Marine, our preferred outboard engine supplier since day one.

Mercury’s design and engineering principle of ‘Faster, Lighter, Further’ is similar to our own. So when this Wisconsin based giant of the marine world planned the World Launch of their new outboard engines range at this year’s Miami Boat Show, we were proud to help.

Surrounded by established US boat brands at the World Launch, we were honoured at the thought of Axopar being the only European brand chosen to demonstrate the performance and handling characteristics of Mercury’s super-smooth, 3.4 Litre, compact V-6 four-stroke range.

Mercury’s new 175hp, 200hp and 225hp engines are more powerful, lighter, more compact and more fuel-efficient than ever before.

With the lightest model weighing-in at just 475 pounds (215 Kg) dry-weight, this is 35 pounds (16 Kg) lighter than current product in this range. Marrying this in dual 200hp engine configuration with our narrow-entry, low centre-of-gravity Axopar 28 T-Top hull, meant we had created a significant and formidable performance and handling ‘package.’




Without excessive engine noise, harshness or unpleasant vibration, we achieved the quickest acceleration times of 0-20mph in just over 4 seconds and 0-30mph in 6 seconds.

Fuel-efficient consumption of just 3mpg at 30mph put a smile on everyone’s face, particularly when we learnt that Mercury’s Advanced Range Optimisation (ARO) calibration has improved fuel economy, to yield a significant 15% advantage at cruising speed, when compared to their nearest 4 Cyl competitor.

When you consider that even despite the two extra cylinders and greater capacity, Mercury now offer Axopar customers a super-smooth V-6 that in reality is actually lighter than an equivalent 4 Cyl engine, the benefits are truly incredible. So good, in fact, we have taken the decision to make Mercury’s latest 200hp outboard, in single or dual engine configuration, the only engine package available for all new Axopar 28’s from now onwards. Customers requiring single engine configuration, from 200hp to 400hp, will be more than pleased with Mercury’s already proven Verado engine range.

Finally! A perfect dual outboard-engine set-up that we can now happily promote as the best possible all-round propulsion package.

But it’s not all about raw performance data that counts. It’s as much about the full and complete ‘turnkey’ experience that, we believe, only Mercury Marine can fully provide.




Mercury’s SmartCraft® digital boat management package, offers customers a variety of integrated controls, free of cables and hydraulics that turn a complete beginner into a seasoned Pro within an instant.

Features such as Active Trim, an integrated GPS, speed-based system that continually adjusts trim based on changes in boat speed to improve performance and economy and deliver a constantly better overall driving experience.

Digitial Throttle & Shift (DTS), gives instant throttle response and total control without engine hesitation and Joystick Piloting gives 360 degree total control for moving sideways, diagonally or for spinning the boat on its own axis.

Mercury’s Vessel View® on-board management system has more information and data on boat and engine functions than any other system in the boating industry. The ‘at a glance’ LCD screen is the information portal to your boat, allowing you to display engine information, genset, sounder, and much much more. Engines come with full warranty backup and maintenance support as provided by Mercury Marine’s worldwide service network.

Get the most from your Axopar experience with single or dual-engine configuration from Mercury’s latest V-6 Four-Stroke outboard engine range.

Check back soon for further model updates and latest engine news from our friends at Mercury Marine.




Following closely on the heels of the Miami International Boat Show launch of their compact V6 Four-Stroke outboard range in March 2018, the so called ‘Step 2’of Mercury Marine’s incredible programme of this year’s new engine launches continues apace.

This time we find ourselves on Lake Maggiore, Baveno, Italy, for the prestigious May 2018 European debut of Mercury's new 4.6L V8 outboard engine range and of course an Axopar 37 Sun Top was chosen as the centrepiece demonstrator boat there!

Looking absolutely spectacular with its new BRABUS Line exterior package trim and Finnish national flag, the Axopar 37 Sun Top, with its low centre of gravity, twin-step hull was the ideal choice to demonstrate the smooth running, power delivery and torque on offer from the latest 300hp Verado® engine range.

Synonymous with best-in-class performance, superior technology and ultimate reliability, these new, naturally aspirated, quad-cam 250 and 300hp V8 Verados replace the outgoing supercharged models and bring consumers new levels of handling and refinement.

Mercury’s own sea trials have shown the new 300hp Verado® as 20% quicker than the closest competitor while still providing up to 8% better fuel economy. With dual 300hp units during the launch in Baveno we were achieving some amazing cruising stats of 2.6 litres fuel consumption / Nm at 30 knots and even at fast cruising speeds of up to 38 knots we were still achieving under 3.0 litres consumption / Nm .

The new 250 and 300hp V8 Verado® are compatible with, and feature Mercury-engineered digital controls and electro-hydraulic steering for smooth operation. Equipped with Adaptive Speed Control, they deliver increased throttle response and a ‘sportier’ feel.