Mikael Heikfolk


Axopar CEO


With a strong track-record in international leadership within industry, services and further education sectors from various multinationals, cooperatives and listed companies, Mikael Heikfolk is Axopar’s CEO, having joined the company back in October 2017

He has led the Finnish Institute of Management, educating more than 2,200 Board Members and top Executives in leadership and strategy in 7 different countries, together with more than 600 international instructors.

At MPS Enterprises he restructured more than 50 multinationals and listed companies for growth and better profitability. Through these assignments he has evaluated and reorganized more than 60 Board of Directors and more than 50 management teams on behalf of international Private Equity and long-term owners in Northern Europe

Mikael is an avid reader of books on diverse topics such as global culture, history and religion.

He has also been a national debater in the Finnish society for two decades, with a mindset of long-term development. For example, he was elected Chairman of LJT, Finland’s oldest management research group and debating society, established in 1949, with the aim to establish a permanent link between business executives and interdisciplinary organisations such as academic institutes and universities, through a series of carefully organised discussion forums. At these forums, top executives and senior members of Finnish universities would attend, and only by exclusive invitation. Mikael has been active in more than 50 forums during his career and has a huge personal business and academic network within Europe.

But when he’s not contributing to the ongoing success of Axopar, he’s never happier than when he is with his family and busy with their common hobby - making great food. One of Mikael’s specialities is game meat, he has a passion for game and has been hunting for four decades.

Affectionately referred to within Axopar as the “Coaching Example Officer” (CEO), it’s Mikael’s sense of clarity and proven business expertise that people turn to when important decisions concerning the future growth and direction of the company are required.

Nowadays he mainly hunts big game such as bear, moose and deer with his youngest and two of his adult sons. Hunting for Mikael is also about living outdoors and cooking delicious food over an open-fire and enjoying nature. For the dinner parties, sometimes with up to 35 people around the table, Mikael’s family takes great pride in preparing fresh meat and creating completely new game recipes and dishes, with family friends eagerly waiting to taste something new.