A collaboration like no other - get ready to have fun on the water!

When you combine two of the most innovative brands in the boating and the watersports markets, you create a joint force that knows no boundaries! We bring you an exclusive collaboration between Axopar and Jobe! Due to our combined passion for fun on the water and our years of experience, our brands compliment each other to create the best watersports experience for the consumer, and something truly unique for global markets.

A combined knowledge.

We can’t wait to show you more! Both brands strive to innovate and are known to create the best products in their respective markets. Both share a love for adventure and aspire to provide accessibility and an experience on the water like no other, and as this collaboration has grown, we’ve learned that our combined knowledge can lead to pure magic. By teaming up, Axopar and Jobe Sports have created an unstoppable force.

Jan-Erik Viitala

Axopar Boats

“We see our customers searching to broaden their experiences on the water, seeking excitement and new adventures, which excites us to push boundaries and develop new fresh ideas for our customers, to surprise and disrupt this traditional market. We are excited to soon release the results of our unique collaboration with Jobe Sports.”


Jos Broekmeulen

Jobe Sports

“This collaboration is amazing as we got to work with a brand which shares our company values. Our team from Jobe and the Axopar team are likeminded and we get to work collectively on getting more people on the water together. Creating the best watersport experience out there for everyone to enjoy. Which is exciting for the whole team!”

About Axopar

Axopar is the globally renowned Finnish brand of premium range, multi award-winning motorboats, developed through a passion for adventure and the outdoors for you to experience more on your journeys. Our boats are known across international markets for their cutting-edge looks, exhilarating driving sensation, performance and great value for money.



About Jobe

Jobe is for everyone. We are a community, a global movement, a family of real people, who are discovering the beauty of watersports. No matter who you are, no matter your age or size, no matter your background. When you want to get on the water, you will fit in our family. We develop our products with the greatest care and highest quality materials, every day again. This is what “gets you on the water” means to us. Join our family and share in our love for watersports.

Want to know more?

Of course you will want to know more, which is why Axopar and Jobe Sports will reveal our joint secret during this autumn, with full details about the outcome of our collaboration. Keep an eye on the social media channels of both brands.