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Axopar 24 T-Top

Tested: Axopar 24 T-top (WasserSport 06/2016)

“The Axopar 24 is set to continue the success of the award-winning Axopar 28 for all those who are looking for a versatile, sporty trailer boat with solid handling characteristics even in rough water, at a competitive price.”

What they loved about the Axopar 24 T-top: "Trailerable, cheeky and versatile: The new Axopar 24 as a Hard Top, T-top or Open model has a confident appearance and need not hide behind the big sisters.", "A powerful visual appearance with clean lines, the same sharp angular bow, a broad stern, the whole thing just over a metre shorter than the 28, but with a bit more freeboard.", "The Axopar 24 is a versatile driving machine with strong character and sporty driving characteristics on one hand and has genuine Cruiser qualities on the other. The universal concept makes no bad compromises, convinces with functional elegance, a clear and distinctive design and good build quality."

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