Venemestari - Finland

Axopar 37 SC
revVenemestari 102017

Tested: Axopar 37 SC - (Venemestari Nr. 10 2017)

“A new milestone”. “Axopar has with a tremendous pace become an influential boat brand all over the world. The answer can be found in the all new 37 Sports Cabin, the new flagship in the range.”

What they loved about the Axopar 37SC: Driveability. Comfort. Performance. Fuel economy. Design. Overall elegance. Transformability. Wide doors. Huge roof hatch. Price. “Top notch comfort when under way, even in harsh conditions. The long hull and the sharp bow cuts through the water with ease”. “Great visibility from the helm and the whole saloon”. “The whole boat looks sophisticated and stylish, in other words expensive, even if the price point is the opposite”. “The large sun pad on the foredeck is inviting. On the aft cabin version, you even have a second sun bathing platform”. “There is plenty of stowage on board and the side walks are easy and safe to use”.

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