Venemestari - Finland


Tested: Axopar 24 Open & HT - (Venemestari Nr. 3 2017)

“Eye-catcher”, “Although the 24 is the smallest in the range, its design is by no means modest or reduced, on the contrary. The Axopar 24 not only looks modern and upscale but also feels like a fully featured family member alongside the larger models”

What they loved about the Axopar 24 Open & HT: Style to spare, Great possibilities for socialising, The small difference in price for the HT-version. "Axopar has grown into an addictive and talked about brand in a short time", "In general, the addition of a hard top roof to a bowrider is one of the Axopar’s insights. A similar concept has not been seen previously", "Few seven-meter cruisers provide the same opportunities to enjoy the time spent at sea and even an overnight stay. And if you need to keep the bow free for movement, you can concentrate the socialising functions to the aft or vice versa, and the central salon is always close at hand".

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