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Axopar 37 XC Totalvene review 2020

Reviewed: Axopar 37 XC Cross Cabin – (Totalvene - 19.03.2020)

“Wrapped in camouflage taping, the new Axopar 37 XC screams revolution”

What they loved: "Revolutionary renewal", "extremely sharp", "more streamlined", "smooth and safe", "absolutely top notch", "movement is effortless", "there is room for dancing on the back deck", "the bow is familiarly narrow", "completely new and unique", "spectacular and eye-catching", "done in style", "connect the cabin and the outdoor spaces in a new way", "evolved to be calmer and more comfortable", "the boat’s balance is incredibly good"...


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...the Mk2 version of Axopar’s 28 has an entirely new hull! So popular has it been, with around 1,000 built since it launched in 2014, that the moulds were simply wearing out, so it made perfect sense to revamp the hull in line with the mould replacement.

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Not only was the 37 seaworthy, its tracking and handling were exceptional. Like Boating for Dummies exceptional. Like where-has-this-been-all-my-life exceptional.

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To say the original was successful is an understatement… delighted every journo who had a go behind the wheel. How on earth do you improve that? By talking to to the people who have one, of course.

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...when we got the test boats out in less than ideal weather, we were hooked. Simply stated, we’ve never been on such superb handling boats. They turn on a dime with an excellent combination of grip and stern slide that brings them around with zero prop ventilation. Offshore, they can handle the worst conditions that kept us going even when so many other boats were running for cover. In short, there’s a new standard of handling and comfort…. Axopar.

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