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Tested: Axopar 37 Cross Cabin - Motor Boat & Yachting (19.11.2020)

We are cruising at 40 knots, and it feels so comfortable…this just feels like a stroll, like its nothing.


What they loved about the Axopar 37 Cross cabin: "The reason why the Cross Cabin is so popular is that it’s so flexible, in good weather you can open it up…both side doors open…then you have the electric sunroof… it’s a one touch system. If the weather turns you can just shut that, shut the doors, and you’re completely insulated from the conditions." "You got a fantastic view from the driving position here, lots of natural light, big glass, big doors…it’s a nice place to be, to drive the boat from." "This is fantastic about the 37, its got so much grip… there’s no cavitation, loses very little speed in turns."





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Axopar 37 is definitely one of the fastest and most classy boats on Lake Geneva. Nevertheless, you always feel safe and in good hands on board.

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...the Mk2 version of Axopar’s 28 has an entirely new hull! So popular has it been, with around 1,000 built since it launched in 2014, that the moulds were simply wearing out, so it made perfect sense to revamp the hull in line with the mould replacement.

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Not only was the 37 seaworthy, its tracking and handling were exceptional. Like Boating for Dummies exceptional. Like where-has-this-been-all-my-life exceptional.

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To say the original was successful is an understatement… delighted every journo who had a go behind the wheel. How on earth do you improve that? By talking to to the people who have one, of course.

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