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Reviewed: Axopar 28 MY20 range – (Motor Boat & Yachting). Nick Burnham went out to test the facelifted version of the Axopar 28 T-Top.

What they loved: "The helm is equally reassuring, the sunken floor and high sides making me feel ensconced and secure, very much in the boat, not on it."The twin-stepped hull runs incredibly flat, minimal bow lift meaning visibility remains every bit as good as it was at low speed, and the hull is doing a great job of smoothing out the chop..." 


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It’s so comfortably cruising up to 50 knots, it’s almost laughable

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Not only was the 37 seaworthy, its tracking and handling were exceptional. Like Boating for Dummies exceptional. Like where-has-this-been-all-my-life exceptional.

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To say the original was successful is an understatement… delighted every journo who had a go behind the wheel. How on earth do you improve that? By talking to to the people who have one, of course.

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...when we got the test boats out in less than ideal weather, we were hooked. Simply stated, we’ve never been on such superb handling boats. They turn on a dime with an excellent combination of grip and stern slide that brings them around with zero prop ventilation. Offshore, they can handle the worst conditions that kept us going even when so many other boats were running for cover. In short, there’s a new standard of handling and comfort…. Axopar.

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