Kippari - Finland


Tested: Axopar 37 AC - (Kippari Nr. 12 2016)

“Wayfarer of a new era”, “One rarely encounters a boat more than 11 meters long that achieves the same kind of driving fun as the big Axopar delivers. The driving response has similarities with large rib-boats, which is a result of the low height, the length and the deep V-bottom”

What they loved about the Axopar 37 AC: Aesthetics, Handling, Performance, Drivability, Flexibility/adaptability, Low noise level. "All encountered waves, even the sharp ones, disappeared under the boat without a trace", "Agile for its size. Slender lines and excellent visibility at the helm makes controlling and handling of the big Axopar a pleasure. The same feeling of agility continues throughout the boats speed registry from manoeuvring in the port up to top speed", "The low and long profile is also good for wind sensitivity. Even at speed it is steady and performs predictably".

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