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Axopar 28 AC
Ocean Magazine SeptemberOctober 2017

Tested: Axopar 28 AC – (Ocean Magazine - September/October 2017)

“Versatility is a strong selling point when it comes to power boats, says Kevin Green, and this is something that Finnish company Axopar clearly understands.”

What they loved about the Axopar 28 AC: Attracting attention, comfortable, exude confidence, uncluttered dashboard, effortless, stability, versatility. "... Snug in the adjustable seat with armrests, the driving experience felt to me like a quality car", "The ride made me nostalgic for my days as a rescue skipper on rigid inflatables that rode over the Atlantic rollers...", "No slamming came from the hull and tracking was straight despite doing my best to confuse the Axopar by edging over the wake of a JetCat."

M/Y Glaze and her Axopar 28 tender:  "The 49-metre M/Y Glaze and her Australian captain, Carl Brandes, chose an Axopar 28 Cabin 15 months ago during the yacht's world tour... Colossal 14-metre tides and equally colossal saltwater crocodiles required a tough yacht tender for safely moving Glaze's 12 guests and crew.", "Essentially, we use it for everything; trips to remote surf breaks, crocodile spotting, fishing, diving, water sports, provisioning, general supply operations and even VIP guest transfers", "It is impressive how well the Axopar tows behind the big boat. The light weight only adds to this and the stepped hull seems to really improve the strain on the tow line."



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