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Tested: Axopar 37 ST – (Boatandboats Magazine – June 2018)

“Personality is one among the main strengths of the new Axopar 37 Sun-Top, a completely different boat where economy and quality are surprisingly fused together in a really efficient way”

What they loved about the Axopar 37 ST: “At the rudder, the boat instill, since the very first moments, a sensation of control”, “To try to figure out the real attitude of this 37-footer, I start performing increasingly tighter turns and, even if topsides almost touch the water, the Axopar 37 remains perfectly stable and well-balanced”, “Far from being peevish, she faithfully follows her course, ploughing through the waves like a blade. I like the great sense of safety this boat gives both the pilot, who controls his maneuvers while perceiving a great stability, and passengers who, even if they can see topsides touch the water, feel the boat soft on the wave and, above all, never get wet”, “What I really like is the precision and responsiveness of this boat at the rudder, a little course adjustment is sufficient to make the boat follow the correction immediately”, “I press the throttle down again and, at a certain point, during the tightest turns, I try to leave the rudder. Unperturbed, the boat follows its course with no problems, binding like Valentino Rossi: a really extraordinary performance!”


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