Our Concept
We strive to redefine and enhance Your boating experience with modern design and functionality, to achieve exhilarating and fuel efficient driving combined with competitive pricing.

We drive the development work of our newest project even further to provide boaters with an entirely new boating experience. To achieve this we are rethinking the way we produce boats to create a boat that is lighter, more fuel efficient and more affordable than ever before.

We set to challenge ourselves to come up with something totally different, something that is instantly recognizable on the water, fresh in design combined with safety, ease of use and versatility.

The results of our efforts and dedication to creating something truly unique can be seen through the awards our 28 range has earned and the rave reviews the 37 and 24 ranges have received from all over the world.

Quick Facts


Boating redefined
The Axopar range is the result of our long time experience and passion for boating. Designed and developed by true boating enthusiasts for the quality conscious boater.
New CE-directive

The current Recreational Craft Directive is being reformed.

The Axopar models have been inspected and passed by the independent and impartial Finnish VTT Expert Services Oy according to the new, more stringent CE directive.

The CE mark is an indication of the product conformity and allows free movement of the product on the EEA Market. It also shows that the manufacturer has conducted and commissioned the necessary testing, inspection, quality control and certification measures.